Intro to Smore: Complete Overview Part 1

Generate leads and convert them with fun interactive quizzes! Your best marketing tool for 2024.

Intro to Smore: Complete Overview Part 1

What is Smore?

The ultimate tool for customer communication - build everything from fun interactive quizzes that convert to beautiful branded customer surveys. That’s not all! Measure and analyze your performance with our in-app analytics tool. Everything you need, here at Smore. 

Smore was built to facilitate genuine communication and foster intimate relationships between businesses and customers. To truly connect with customers, businesses need to listen attentively, understand their needs, and take appropriate actions. That's why Smore goes beyond mere formal interactions with customers. We are here to push you forward by that extra mile so you can gift the best customer experience to your beloved customers!

What can you build with Smore?

[What’s included]

✔️Access to all design features 

✔️Unlimited forms for free 

✔️Unlimited responses for free 

-100% code free: build beautiful, engaging and lively interactive quizzes with just a few clicks.

-Talk to your customers as much as you want from our free plan, with unlimited quizzes and unlimited responses included. 

-100+ templates, accessible for free. Build and publish your forms with these ready-to-use templates. 

Interactive quizzes are a powerful way to generate marketing leads. But Smore quizzes don’t stop there. Quizzes made with Smore allows you to score and segment your customers with a built-in algorithm, making personalized retargeting simple and seamless. Attract, engage and convert your customers all in a single flow with Smore, the best interactive quiz builder for your next marketing campaign. 

Our built-in logic templates

✅Type Test (Personality Quizzes) 

Smore Type Test is a template in which you combine different variables that represent traits to create multiple types. There are variable pairs which represent opposite traits, and you can have up to 4 variable pairs. Each user will be associated with one variable in each pair, and their final result will be a combination of those variables. This is the best logic to use for personality quizzes. 

✅Match Quiz

Match quiz allows you to directly match a result type with the answer the respondent selects, instead of classifying the result types as a combination of variables. This logic works best for product recommendations and shoppable quizzes. 

✅T/F Quiz

You can set options to be correct and incorrect, and score the respondent. It’s a great template to use when you want to deliver information to your customers in an engaging way. 

✅Score Quiz

This algorithm assigns varying point values to each option and calculates the total score obtained by the respondent. It then uses the respondent's score to display different ending pages. It's ideal for situations where you want to gauge the customer's understanding or present complex information in an enjoyable manner.

Why interactive quizzes should be in every marketer’s toolkit 

✅Connect with a Wider Audience

Quizzes can reach more users compared to webinars or downloadable content focused on specific topics. They're low-pressure and high on enjoyment and curiosity, making them highly shareable and potentially creating organic virality.

✅Create a Positive First Customer Experience

Interactive quizzes provide an engaging experience, unlike simple email or business card exchanges. This leaves a lasting impression, improving brand perception and ensuring a positive initial interaction.

✅Segment Leads Based on Quiz Results and Personalize Marketing

Although quizzes may seem less accessible for lead generation, they allow us to classify leads based on quiz results and tailor marketing efforts accordingly. With results pages reflecting user preferences, we can execute personalized marketing strategies for each user segment.

What makes Smore the ultimate interactive quiz maker for your next marketing campaign 

1️⃣ Immersive experience for customer engagement 

Even if your content is top-notch, it's tough to get people engaged if the way you present it doesn't match the vibe. That's where Smore shines! With our fun, dynamic and interactive UI, Smore makes sure your customers have a blast while engaging with your content.

2️⃣Design customizability

Smore offers the widest range of customization features among interactive quiz builders. You can freely choose the curvature of buttons, themes, transition animations, fonts, and even meticulously adjust the colors of backgrounds and text by entering color codes. Plus, you can customize themes for each question to maximize the immersive experience. 


You can add your own logo as the header, customize the quiz URL and remove Smore branding to make the quiz more like your own. 

4️⃣Marketing features that boost conversion 

Customize your ending page with Smore editor and build a microsite that converts. 

CTA - Add CTA buttons to your quiz result page to convert them to your website. You can track CTA tracks in Smore analytics too. 

SNS Share buttons - Key to a successful marketing campaign is building the virality traction. Encourage your customers to share your quiz by making it super easy and seamless to share your quiz. Simply switch on SNS share buttons to your favorite social channels. You can even customize hashtags for social media sharing. 

URL redirect - You can automatically redirect users to a website after they finish playing your interactive quiz. It shortens the user journey and boosts conversion rate. 

Hyperlink image - You can also hyperlink images. Add any image you want and hyperlink it so it acts as a banner. 

5️⃣High shareability

You can publish Smore quizzes as individual links, share as QR codes, or embed on your website or app. This flexibility allows for easy distribution in various formats, making the content highly accessible for your customers.

Does Smore integrate with other apps? 

Smore currently integrates with Google Sheets, Slack and Zapier. 

✅Google Sheets 

Catch your quiz responses in Google Sheets for easier data organization.


Get live notifications everytime someone plays your quiz. Get a summary of the responses in your Slack channel.


Connect with more than 600 apps through Zapier, with pre-built templates to make set up hassle free. 

-Emailing quiz results to your customer’s inbox 

-Getting email notification for submissions

-Downloading all submitted files/ attachments together 

-Integrating with GA, Pixel or your customer database. 

What does Smore Analytics include? 

Analyzing your marketing campaign performance is a crucial step. Spotlight every corner of your marketing campaign with Smore analytics! It tracks and analyzes everything that a marketer needs to know. 


The Summary tab displays response data summarized in graph formats. Smore provides you with an automatic visualization of all responses. 


If you want to look at the individual responses in detail, you can find them in the Responses tab. Each row in the table contains the response data as well as additional user data including session duration, referrer, device type and more. You can export the data as a csv file. 


Snapshot tab includes in-depth analysis of your marketing campaign’s performance. It contains data and marketing metrics such as referrer, location, CTA clicks, shares and more. You can filter the data for a specific timeframe. 

☑️Drop-off Flow

Drop-off flow allows you a birds-eye-view of your customer’s experience. By understanding where your users are churning on your quiz, you can optimize the experience. If most of them are dropping off at a specific question, you can shorten the length or edit the question. 

Is Smore secure? 🤔

We've taken thorough measures to ensure that you can use our service with confidence, especially since customer personal information is involved.

By default, customer response data is stored on Smore servers, but no one, including Smore employees, can access the data. The only way to access the data is by signing in with the account that created the quiz. Additionally, we ensure data security through the following methods:

1️⃣ All personal information is encrypted asymmetrically.

2️⃣ Validation is set up within the internal database to thwart hacking attempts from the frontend.

3️⃣ All communication transactions are managed through CloudFlare, boasting the highest level of security worldwide. Therefore, we are protected from DDoS and hacking attacks.

Are you ready to build interactive quizzes that generates leads, converts customers and collect customer data? Start free with Smore today.