Step up your customer surveys with quizzes

Stop publishing surveys that no one will answer, and engage your customers with interactive quizzes!

Step up your customer surveys with quizzes

Want to get closer to your customers and understand their preferences and opinions, but feel like traditional surveys are too cumbersome from design to distribution? Because let’s be honest, no one gets excited about surveys. And you find yourself naturally worrying about the low response rates. 

But what if you can make the survey fun and exciting, that your customers want some more of it? For you, we introduce the concept of ‘quiz-as-a-survey’. You can engage with customers through an online survey that feels like a fun quiz, while still gathering valuable insights. It's not hard at all if you do it with Smore. 

Can’t I just poll my customers on social media? 

Let’s take Instagram as an example. Marketers often encourage their customers to comment on a post and use that data to get a read on customer sentiments. While it’s a good starting point, it doesn’t provide sufficient context for truly understanding your customers because you don’t know what customer segment they belong to. The hassle of having to scroll through hundreds, if not thousands of comments is an added disadvantage. 

Similarly, Instagram's story polls and announcement channel voting features make it difficult to gather quantitative responses and segment customer data. These features are designed for light voting on a single issue and do not collect detailed customer information. You might get a general sense of public preferences, but you can't segment the data by gender or age.

Furthermore, accessibility is crucial for obtaining a significant number of responses and reducing participant bias. However, Instagram's survey features are limited in exposure time (24 hours) and might not be seen by non-followers, negatively impacting accessibility.

Lastly, there’s no way to verify if the data collected truly reflects customers' opinions and intentions. Users can't change their responses if they click the wrong option, leading to inaccurate data.

Using social media survey features means you may hear customer voices but won’t know exactly who your customers are.

Benefits of social media polling that we should keep 

Social media survey features offer interactivity and a relaxed atmosphere, unlike formal and stiff traditional surveys. Brands use these features to create an atmosphere of active communication with customers.

From the customers' perspective, participating in a survey on a social media account feels less burdensome than a traditional survey with long questions. They can quickly share their opinions through clicks or comments, so you don't have to worry as much about response rates.

If you want to address the drawbacks of limited insights and customer segmentation while enjoying the interactive benefits of social media surveys, quiz-style surveys might be the solution you’re looking for. 😀

What are the benefits of quiz-style surveys? 

A quiz-as-a-survey combines the interactivity of social media surveys with the data collection capabilities of traditional surveys. With a touch of gamification and an engaging interface, customers find these surveys enjoyable and engaging!

1️⃣ Higher Engagement

Quiz-style surveys are more interactive and appealing than traditional surveys. Because the process is enjoyable, customers are more likely to complete the survey. Unlike social media surveys that end quickly, quiz-style surveys keep customers engaged for longer, boosting loyalty and conversion rates.

2️⃣Higher Data Quality

Even though quiz-style surveys are fun, they still professionally collect business-related data. You can gather detailed customer traits and behavior data, which isn’t possible with traditional social media features. Quiz-style surveys naturally draw participation, recognized as fun content rather than a chore, reducing the need for incentives and the risk of biased responses.

3️⃣Better Virality

Quiz-style surveys can be easily shared as links across social media and other communities, reaching voices you might not have heard otherwise. This sharing potential creates a viral effect without additional costs.

4️⃣Personalized Experience 

Unlike traditional surveys that end with a simple thank you, quiz-style surveys can show personalized results based on the customer’s responses. This not only satisfies the desire for feedback but also feels like a fun personality test. If you include brand-related information or offers on the results page, customers are more likely to feel it’s tailored to them and convert.

5️⃣Positive Brand Impression

Unlike most social media content, which tends to be forgotten if not converted to a purchase immediately, quiz-style content stays memorable. It creates long-lasting touchpoints with customers.

How can I build a quiz for my customers? 

With Smore, you can create engaging quiz-style surveys quickly and easily, distribute them in various ways, and measure their performance.

Smore goes beyond formal customer interactions, offering multiple features to deeply understand and provide excellent customer experiences. Without any coding required, you can create branded surveys with just a few clicks. As a result, quizzes created with Smore have an average completion rate of over 92%. 🙂

Are you excited to start right now? Here’s an A to Z guide on how you can build your very own customer survey quiz with Smore. 

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