[Hunt Town] Boosting community engagement

Community is everything. Here is the team of Hunt Town, connecting builders that are changing the world and turning their synergies into a forceful momentum of innovation. And how Smore has helped Hunt Town boost community engagement. 

[Hunt Town] Boosting community engagement

Community is everything. A community of like-minded people empowers, encourages and inspires you. In the uncharted waters of Web3, this truth stands much stronger.

Here is the team of Hunt Town, connecting builders that are changing the world and turning their synergies into a forceful momentum of innovation. And how Smore has helped Hunt Town boost community engagement. 

About Hunt Town

What is Hunt Town and how did it start? 

Hunt Town is a Discord-based community that connects builders in Web3. It’s a collaborative playground where builders connect, share knowledge, and foster a unique and supportive environment for the success of their projects. We made this community because we noticed that regular communities usually depend on particular projects. When those projects crash and burn, the community goes down with them. In the world of Web3, projects can come and go, and they take their communities down the drain too. But people stick around. So, we're putting together a cool network for Web3 creators, all about the people and not just one project.

In our community, it’s so heartwarming to see how much pay-it-forward sharing of insights takes place. Everyone is so eager to share their hard-earned knowledge. This is our first community project. We’ve built products and services for people before, but community is a whole different game. But it was a pain that we felt so intensely ourselves, and something that we strongly believe in. 

What’s the biggest difference you felt? 

There’s no ‘customer support ticket’. Every interaction, every message is customer feedback. But on the other hand, although we operate this community, it doesn’t feel like we’re providing a service to others. We’re all equal members of this community. 

Unlike most community channels where it's mainly all about users talking to the company or core teams, Hunt Town is a spot where every verified member is on the same level. We don't even do the usual announcement channel thing, which is usually just the team talking at you. Instead, we've got this Metaphone channel that's open to any verified member who's stacked up enough community passes. It's kind of like a public notice board where you can chat with other community members.

What growth challenges are you tackling currently? 

We've been trying out various marketing strategies, and at this point, we've established some channels to bring in new users. So, we've been consistently getting around 50 new users daily. To be honest, we don't think we need to ramp up new user acquisition for a while.

What's more critical is how many of them stick around and actively engage in the community. But, in the case of platforms like Discord, you see people joining tons of channels, just like having hundreds of apps installed on their phones. However, when it comes to the servers they actually check daily, it's usually just one or two at the most. So, even though they have a hundred apps installed, they might actively use only about six of them. Maintaining user engagement in such a scenario isn't easy, you know?

So, we're trying various approaches. We're creating steady content for discussions and occasionally organizing offline meetups. Whenever others host events, we're also providing support. Additionally, we're emphasizing the importance of timely responses when new users join. We're even considering roles like community managers to handle this. So far, we've been doing this ourselves, but if we don't respond within about three hours of someone joining, many tend to leave, thinking, "Well, they aren't responding here," and that's something we're actively working on. In the end, that's probably the most crucial aspect - how many come in and how many stick around.

Story Behind the Quiz

How does an interactive quiz address the challenge of user engagement? 

First of all, members of our team all really enjoy taking interactive quizzes online. We saw that it had the potential to keep the community engaged, fuel discussions, and encourage folks to join in various activities. It's all about making Web3 enthusiasts feel like there's always something fun happening in Hunt Town.

The idea was simple: spread some fun and interactive Web3 content for everyone to enjoy. We really wanted to emphasize the fun factor because that's what gets folks hooked on Web3 and inspires them to dive deeper. 

How did you pick the theme?

We were brainstorming for our quiz theme and thought, "Hey, why not take a cue from the popular game show 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' But let's spice things up a bit!" So, we brought in Web3's favorite character, Pepe, and embraced the 'Web3 Millionaire' concept. Our main aim? Make the quiz fun, not stressful like an exam, and get folks curious about testing their Web3 knowledge.

How did you craft the questions?

Since it's all about testing Web3 knowledge, we didn't want it to be a cakewalk or brain-buster. We had our team members pitch in to create questions. We covered everything from easy ones that anyone with a hint of Web3 interest could answer to some techie stuff for the pros. To keep it light, we added funny memes to go with the questions. While taking the quiz, we wanted users to think about their next steps in Web3 based on their score. And on the results page, we threw in some CTA buttons to invite them to join Hunt Town, where all Web3 answers live.

What insights about your user base influenced the quiz's development? 

While crafting the questions, we had to account for a diverse audience, ranging from those newly exploring Web3 to industry experts. We tailored the answer page to accommodate different levels of Web3 knowledge among our user base.

How did you distribute your quiz? 

We shared our quiz through our social media channels, run by Miss Web3 from Hunt Town. She's been dishing out fun Web3 stories and updates. This time, she even took the quiz herself and dared others to beat her score, which wasn't the best, by the way. We also posted the quiz on Hunt Town's Discord channel, where Web3 enthusiasts hang out. To sweeten the deal, we offered some cool rewards like Hunt Town BUILD points and meme coins for those who shared their results. We figured, once people started sharing, more would want to give it a shot.

How did it do overall?

Around 50 folks completed the quiz, with an awesome 91.49% completion rate. Roughly 15 people shared their results and tagged us. Sure, these numbers might not break the internet, but in the Web3 world, where things are a bit smaller, they meant a lot to us. Plus, we saw Web3 folks bantering in the comments, like "Easy peasy, try it yourself!" or "I got 8 right, Millionaire mode unlocked!" It was a blast seeing them have fun and thank us for the quiz. Since Web3 is buzzing on Twitter, and the sharers had 1,000-2,000 followers each, it made quite an impact for building up our brand reputation. 

Any surprises or lessons?

This was our first dive into quiz content, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Web3 folks bonding over our quiz. We knew quizzes were a hit in Korea, but taking it global in the Web3 world was a bit of an experiment.

What's the big takeaway?

In Hunt Town, we're all about building a community of Web3 enthusiasts. It's still early days in Web3, and we think great things can happen when folks help each other out. The quiz taught us that interactive content is a fantastic conversation starter and a cool way to introduce Hunt Town. So, our hypothesis is that fun, interactive content tailored for the audience sparks responses and keeps the engagement flowing.

What's Coming Next? Do you plan to run future campaigns like this?

Absolutely! We've got more plans for interactive content to nurture our community. Think debates, discussions on the latest Web3 news, and chatting with even more builders to share their stories. We want to create a dynamic Hunt Town where Web3 folks always have something exciting to be part of.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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