12 must-have tools for marketers

Here's a complete list of must-know products for every marketer

12 must-have tools for marketers

When doing marketing, there are times when you have to do various tasks such as planning, performance analysis, or content creation. For multiplayers like marketers to efficiently use their given work time and increase their productivity, they should use various tools smartly. However, in some marketing task situations, it can be difficult to decide which tool to use. Therefore, today we are going to show you a list of ‘Essential Marketer Tools’ by situation, the secret to becoming a good marketer

For Data Analysis 

1. GA4 (Google Analytics 4)

GA4 is one of the tools that marketers must use. It is a strong tool that allows you to do detailed analysis on user behavior in your website or app. Even when it is a free tool, you can build an advanced analytics board with GA4. You can collect and freely analyze the users’ funnel or behavior within the website. Thanks to GA4, you can make marketing decisions based on objective and accurate data and can analyze marketing performance or improve website customer experience.

2. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a tool effective in systematically analyzing user behavior in web or app.Especially, with Mixpanel you can evaluate the performance of your product or service as the tool provides features such as event tracking, funnel and user analysis, or A/B testing. Because you can see what actions happened till the final customer behavior that your company is targeting, Mixpanel is a great tool for analyzing event data. 

For SEO 

Google Trends is a keyword data service where you can see the trend of online search based on Google search engine. You can perform search pattern analysis, keywords comparison, or real-time top search keywords. The service is really easy to use, thus making it a good tool when you want to check the timeliness and attractiveness of the marketing keywords you are trying to use. 

4. Semrush

Semrush is a useful tool for managing digital marketing such as SEO, content marketing, or advertisement. The tool provides features such as competitor analysis, keywords analysis, or backlink tracking. Not only does it provide objective indicators but also provide ways to improve SEO, advertisement, or content marketing by analyzing the data by itself. By entering a domain, you can analyze every type of traffic that is occurring within the website. 

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is also a SEO tool with comprehensive features. The tool provides various information by collecting and analyzing crawling data of a website. You can check search volume, competition rate, or related keywords through keyword research. You can also perform competitor analysis and backlink analysis. In addition, you can improve your advertisement performance such as keywords advertisement or search advertisement through search engine marketing support.

For Creatives

6. Canva

Canva is a tool where even a marketer who doesn’t have any prior design tool experience can professionally create various visual materials. Especially since Canva provides image size optimized for each SNS channel and various layouts, shapes, and design sources for free, it is an awesome tool to use for SNS content marketing.

7. Jasper

Jasper is a Gen-AI tool that creates text-based contents such as copywriting, article, or meta scripts. Jasper is useful when you are writing a blog post for SEO optimization or improve the completeness of your content by, for example, modifying the content’s title and heading phrase.


Smore is a free tool where you can make interactive content like type tests or T/F quizzes without any codes. You can freely use the type tests and quizzes you created in your marketing or offline campaign. With Smore, you can create contents for various purposes such as product recommendation, new and potential customers secure, and product advertisement. Even better, because the analysis of response data is automated within Smore, you can track your marketing performance all at once.

For Brainstorming 


When you are brainstorming to plan a marketing campaign, it is sometimes more effective to visualize the contents and data like a mindmap. Miro, which is useful in these situations, supports various forms including mindmap, card, workflow, and diagram.

Thanks to Miro, you can freely visualize various ideas and plans. It also supports a collaboration feature that allows other team members to communicate and leave feedback in real time. 

Miro | 혁신을 위한 시각적 작업 공간

10. Pocket

Pocket is a tool where you can save articles that you read for inspiration or insights, blog posts that you found during research, and youtube videos you saved for later reference in one place and check them later. Because you can organize and manage scattered websites at a glance, Pocket is useful for marketers who are digging various contents. 

For Productivity

11. Abitly

Instead of a long and complicated campaign URL, you may need a shortened URL that is more clickable. This is when you use Abitly, a tool that creates shortened URLs. Not only is it free to use, but you can also use its link preview report feature to pre-check the performance of your link.

12. Mailchimps

If you are planning an email marketing, you may have heard about Mailchimps. Mailchimps is a tool for email marketing automation. It provides various design email templates and bulk mailing, reporting, and analysis features that allows you to build an effective marketing strategy and monitor the strategy’s performance. Also, you can effectively manage and target recipients with its list management feature.  

Today, we introduced 12 tools that are recommended for marketers who want to improve their productivity. Use the tool that best suits your marketing strategy and become a smart marketer. 🙂